What I Plan To Do First.

In this blog, I will try to be a weekly anime analyst(to see the feel), manga analyst, and reviewer. I’m a liar; I really am not going to be able to keep up with the more professional bloggers out there so I may apologize randomly from time to time. I will also post offtopic posts from important anime news to reviewing about anime and its “connections.”

As much as I do want this blog to be general, I can’t help letting this be personal either since it’s my first time blogging(t-tt-take care of me). I know that I won’t be able to keep up like the rest but this more on a recreational style and a general view/perspective kind of blog. I want to share my opinions and learn along the way. I’m still shaking off the WordPress style since it’s kind of complicated but it has been an enriching experience.

The list of anime I will be weekly blogging:
1. Baka Test 2

Manga(I do have to catch up first):
1. Bleach
2. Naruto
3. Cage of Eden

And some others. Not a whole lot but it’s a start. I plan to take things slowly at first and hopefully get used to at least posting once a week to no less than three posts a month. It’s a big commitment, but I hope that it will give me motivation and something to reflect on – besides lurking the Internet – every time I come back. I’m glad I met a couple fellow bloggers(who’re awesome btw) that have given me encouragement and tips. As I continue to progress, I may drift away at times so punch me or something. Oh, a comment or message helps too.

Thanks for reading.


A General Introduction

Understanding the Blogging community – or should I say world – is like drinking Coke on a hot summer day – it’s cold, it burns, it’s refreshing, and it satisfies the days hardships.

I have to confess, that I am a regular anime fanatic who’s naive about everything. I keep my head up high knowing that it will fall by the end of the day. I’m not the most intelligent guy to talk and I never will be. That isn’t who I am. I enjoy the day by passing the time on the most idiotic things I can think of, from being in an alien’s perspective to the brain of a wise sage. My imagination runs wild in my head but I have no medium; nothing to support it with, albeit my motivational glands rarely run, but things never really work out. I have been quite interested for quite some time to do something worthwhile that I’ll be able to convey by creating this blog about anime, games, and manga.

I know it’s not the most original thing to do, but in a hot, summer day where I could eat, sleep, go out or read, I may as well add this one to the list. I’m a newbie to the blogosphere of course, and I want to meet people from anywhere and everywhere(instead of going to 4chan, omegle, and the like >:D) who share a common interest in just about everything.

Well, this post has been rather serious. I’m not really like that. I’m usually simple in what I do but I thought it was necessary for the first post of this blog. Trying to establish something; a connection from the start that I hope will stay for a while here. To whomever that may be reading this(I hope it’s not just me), thanks and let’s talk sometime, yeah?

So I hope, for better or for worse, that something good may come out of this…